No Consent!

No Consent

Ask the forest service not to send a letter of consent to the Bureau of Land Management to allow the sale of oil and gas leases for fracking in Wayne National Forest. Kathleen Atkinson, the Region 9 Forester has the final say. Her number is 414-297-3765, her email is She will be consulting with Wayne National Forest Supervisor Tony Scardina. His number is 740-753-0880 and email is Please share! You can also comment via official channels by emailing to: BLM will accept written comments regarding potential oil and gas leasing on the Wayne National Forest until Friday, January 8, 2016. More info here:…/eplanning/…

Sample Email:

Ms. Atkinson:

I am writing to voice my strong opposition to leasing land in the Wayne National Forest for fracking. I strongly urge you to not give consent to the Bureau of Land Management to lease land within Ohio’s only national forest.

While I acknowledge the long history of using national forests for timber and other resource extraction, fracking Wayne National Forest is a mistake that benefits a few outsiders while placing at risk the future of many within our county.

While I take issue with private corporations profiting from extracting resources on public lands, I will focus instead on the more tangible effects that fracking will have upon Wayne National Forest. The dangers of fracking are by now well publicized. Each step of this gas-extraction process presents different threats, including:

  • the release of large amounts of methane and other greenhouse gases as they are vented into the air
  • the potential for earthquakes and the violent explosion of the shale deep beneath the ground that is necessary to release the methane gas
  • waterway contamination
  • the creation of large amounts of toxic, radioactive waste that will almost certainly be pumped into the ground in Athens County
  • an unimaginable increase in truck traffic and large-scale industrial activity
  • long-term effects that we are not yet aware of

The resident wildlife, recreational users, and the health of the Wayne ecosystem will all be placed at risk. Watersheds will be compromised, and by extension so will the health of plant and animal life. Recreational uses of the forest will also be undermined. Why should Athens County assume so much risk? Why should Wayne National Forest, for that matter, assume so much risk? What benefit will come from this?

In closing, I strongly urge you to not consent to fracking the Wayne. Keep it in the ground. Do your part (however small) to promote a shift (however slow) to a greener energy future.



Michael Rinaldi-Eichenberg

lifelong Athens County resident

Don’t Frack The Wayne

On the evening of November 18th, nearly 200 Athens County Residents, ranging in age from two to ninety-three, gathered at the Athens Community Center to publicly shame Forest Service and BLM officials who are yet again proposing to open the Wayne National Forest for Fracking.  A similar plan was proposed in 2011, but the community blowback against that plan stopped it dead in its tracks.

No Consent

At Wednesday night’s meeting, the feeling in the room was one of frustration and deja vu, as participants were asked to mill about from table to table in a crowded room where accountability and legitimate information from officials was an impossibility.  At one point, Tony Scardinia, Wayne National Forest Supervisor addressed the crowd, confirming that he would not take questions in a public hearing format, but only informally in a one-on-one format.  As he spoke, many members of the crowd held up signs that read “NO CONSENT”.

Fed up, one woman finally addressed Scardinia directly, saying, “You say you are here to answer our questions, but we only have one question.  What part of No don’t you understand?”  Another woman, visibly pregnant (A recent Johns Hopkins study has made the link between fracking and birth defects), said, “I feel like we were just here.  In 2012, they tried to frack the Wayne.  What did we say?”  The crowd responded loudly, “WE SAID NO!”.  One man dumped a stack of petitions at the feet of Scardinia, saying “1300 signatures, and they all say no!”  The crowd took up cries of “WE SAY NO! WE SAY NO!” and “WE ARE NOT A DUMPING GROUND! DON’T FRACK THE WAYNE!” as they let loose with a cavalcade of paper airplanes flying towards Scardinia. The paper airplanes read “Don’t Frack the Wayne”.

Soon after that, the Forest Service and BLM shut down the event, ending it at least an hour before the scheduled end time of 8:30.

]Adding to the tension was the heavy law enforcement presence, which many attendees objected to as the event was billed as open and welcoming to the public.  Though none of the protestors were violent, as the BLM shut down the meeting, one law enforcement officer used his baton to shove people to the door, sparking public outcry.

It should be noted that there were eight counter-protesters there, compared to the nearly 200 community members there to vocally oppose fracking.  At least one of the counter protestors was paid to be there by the oil and gas industry.

Consensus Facilitation Training


Consensus Facilitation Training

December 5th, 2015 1pm – 5pm @ Shagbark Seed and Mill, 88 Columbus Rd,, Athens Ohio

Have you ever been in a meeting where one person interrupted, talked over others, or seemed to take over the group process?

Have you ever left a meeting feeling that only a handful of people’s opinions were actually heard?

Have you ever been part of a meeting that lasted forever, was disorganized and didn’t seem to set or meet any concrete goals?

We all have, but we don’t like it much! That’s why we recommend working by consensus!

Consensus facilitation is a democratic way that anti-authoritarian organizers structure their meetings to make sure that all voices get heard, that decisions are truly democratic and not made by majority rules, and that systems of oppression do not repeat themselves in the ways that we organize for justice in our communities. It’s also a wonderful way to actually get things done in a methodical and organized manner.
This training will be useful to anyone who participates in local activism or organizing of any kind, both people who facilitate meetings, demonstrations, and events, and also people who attend or participate in the above. Participants will learn to:

• Hold democratic meetings rather than meetings where one person is the “leader”
• Identify and work through unwanted power dynamics within meetings
• Set a concrete meeting agenda
• Set concrete and achievable goals at meetings
• Keep a meeting within its time limits
• Make decisions by consensus instead of by voting
• Be a facilitator, using a consensus method
• Be facilitated, using a consensus method.

PLEASE RSVP (if possible!) ( or on our facebook page) and please let us know if you have any access issues (including transportation, childcare, etc). We want you to be able to come to this training! This is a long training, but is interactive with lots of breaks and built in time for snacks, questions, and debrief.

Fracking is Frightening GreenHunter/Roscoe Mills Injection Well Rally

Fracking is Frightening image

GreenHunter/Roscoe Mills Injection Well Rally

Saturday October 31, 2015 10AM

Greenhunter, the company which seeks to barge frack waste on the Ohio River, is setting records for the amount of out-of-state frack waste they are injecting underground in their Meigs County injection wells. With much of the oil and gas industry in financial trouble, with plummeting stocks, and investors getting scared, it’s a perfect time to add to the Halloween ambience by letting Greenhunter know that Southeast Ohio Residents are ready for them to cease and desist! RIP. Join us for a sign making party on the evening of October 26th, and then a rally on the morning of October 31st.
WHAT: FRACKING IS FRIGHTENING RALLY. Cider and donuts provided. We will stand with gravestones representing the disastrous results of corporate sponsored chemical contamination (C8, Love Canal, Clyde, Ohio, Bhopal). We will wear black, and paint our faces as skulls. It is Halloween, after all!
WHEN: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, 10 AM (expected to last only a few hours, drive time included)
Please let us know if you’d like to come, but need a ride, so that we can match you with a driver.
WHAT: Join members of AR! to paint gravestones for the rally. Paint, brushes, and cardboard provided.
WHEN: Monday, October 26th. 6 PM to 8 PM
WHERE: Shagbark Seed and Mill, 88 Columbus Circle, Athens, OH
If you can only come to the rally, but not the sign making party, that’s perfectly fine! We will make extra gravestones.
RSVP so we know how many donuts to get!

Breaking News

Deconstruction CrewDecon Crew with Flag

The Deconstruction Crew consisting of members of the Ohio University Student Union and Appalachia Resist have assembled on Shafer Street in Athens Ohio on the morning of June 23, 2015 at a pipeline construction site to reverse construction of Ohio University’s natural gas pipeline. This pipeline poses a danger to the local community and will contribute to the disastrously approaching climate chaos! ‪#‎StopOUPipeline‬Deconstruction Close Up sustainable energy now

Organizers Training

Want to start organizing to keep fracking waste and fracking from coming into your community?frackingwaste

Appalachia Resist! is sponsoring an organizers training taught by Radical Action for Mountain People’s Survival. RAMPS is a non-violent direct action campaign based in the southern coal fields of West Virginia

Saturday August 16th, 2014 9:00-5 at Arts/West

9:00-10:00 Welcome/Morning Circle

10:00-11:30 Ready Response Brigade Basic Training  Want to get a call when an action is happening?  Being on this list means that you’ll be alerted to actions that are happening to fight fracking and injection wells in our region, so that you can have the chance to show up and support these actions if you can. This workshop will include more information on the ready response brigade, the basics of non-violent direct action protest etiquette, and a bit about your legal rights at a protest.  Participants are strongly encouraged to attend the security culture workshop to fully understand why not all actions are advertised ahead of time and to learn how to participate in security culture.

11:30-12:30 Security Culture  Do you ever wonder why some protests are publicly advertised, while sometimes you don’t hear about an action until it’s already happening?  Learn why and when sharing action information on a need-to-know basis can help make actions more effective.  This workshop is about security measures activists can take to protect ourselves and keep the element of surprise when necessary. It will also help explain how to support and participate in actions in a safe and secure way, even when you may not know all the details ahead of time!

12:30-1:30 Lunch provided by Appalachia Resist!

1:30-3:00 How to Form your Own Action Group  The more groups we have working on plugging the injection wells and stopping fracking the better! Learn how to form you own action-planning group with people you trust and enjoy working with, so that you can utilize the tactics and strategies you care most about. This workshop will include an intro to running a group with consensus so that everyone gets to be a full participant.

3:00-4:30 How to Plan an Action The nuts and bolts of how to plan an action, including time frames, roles that need filling, media, and other considerations. Will also include direct action success stories.

4:30-5:00 Debrief/Next Steps

To RSVP and for more information email:  Donations will be welcome to help us cover expenses, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Please let us know a week in advance if you need childcare.

Plea Deal Accepted for Shut Down of K&H Partners Injection Wells

Crissa Cummings accepted a plea deal yesterday morning for shutting down the K&H Partners injection well site on June 5, 2014. She received a $250 fine and 30 days of jail time which is suspended as long as she remains law abiding for one year. Recent analysis of the testing done on the contaminants reveal that ODNR only tested for secondary water contaminants in the spill that resulted in the contamination of at least 12 tons of water and soil during the drilling of a 2nd K&H Partners injection well near Torch, Ohio.