If you can offer or are in need of a ride to this years Earth FIrst! Organizers’ Conference/Winter Rendezvous, please post the relevant info into a comment below.

32 thoughts on “Rideshare

  1. EF! J Collective Everglades Office

    Hey friends!
    Seeking a ride to Northern California, West Coast, or as far West as possible AFTER the OC/Rondy. Hitchhiker, vagrant, anarchist, currently working with Earth First! Journal, but heading home to the NorthBay afterwards. Please email me.
    Thanks for posting the rideshare board Appalachia Resist!

    Sabina (savvysabi@gmail.com)

    1. Shannon Scola

      Hello, I have that travel way, but I don’t have a fixed schedule yet of when it will be, anyway I am using the site http://rideship.com every time I need a ride or I am offering a ride, just post up your trip details there and that site will be the one who will matched up common schedules for your travel need.

  2. Jim

    Possible rideshare roundtrip from Bloomington, IN, to the OC/WR. If I can get some riders, I can borrow a car. I’d have room for 3 or 4. Let me know if you need a ride.

  3. Jordan

    I have room for anyone who needs a ride from Cincinnati to the rondy. Going to head up there Friday the 15th in the morning.

  4. sopcollective

    Hey fellow warriors,
    There will be room in a large veggie oil truck heading west, probably around the end of february/first of march. Will be leaving from West Virginia or Pittsburgh, heading towards UT and then up to MT. email if interested and we can keep you updated on the travel plan….

    1. toby v potter

      hey, we’re looking to get away from the megabus in columbus on wednesday morning. bus gets in at 9:30… think you’ll be heading thru around then?

      toby 231-726-5080

      1. David

        Sorry, the format of this page is confusing me. If your post was a reply to me, I’ll be going Friday morning from Bloomington. Call if you need to, (812) 219-2606.

  5. Buffalo Field Campaign

    Ride out to the OC with 3 BFCers. We’ve got room for one, maybe two. Leaving Bozeman, MT February 10th. Its a big plus if you can drive stick… so far we’ve only got one driver between us.

    1. Grace

      Oh hey I can drive stick and I’m looking for ways to get to the OC. The catch is I’m in Oregon, not Bozeman, but I might be able to find a ride/cheap bus or something up there. I don’t have very many other options at this point… email fauna@riseup.net this is Grace from Eugene.

    2. Buffalo Field Campaign

      We are going through Fargo, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Indianapolis if anyone needs a ride from any of those places.

  6. Jim

    You’ve got 2 weeks for the other passengers to learn how to drive a stick. It is not that hard, especially when most of the driving is on the highway. The primary driver could take over when you are not on big highways. Just sayin’…

  7. Thomas/Pumba

    helpful thoughtful revolutionary
    seeking post-Rondy ride East to(wards) Philly by the 22nd
    offering driving, gas
    non-smoker (2x) but smoke-tolerant
    OK with music, conversation, silence, cramped quarters

    Please email me:

  8. Rutherford

    I am currently in the midwest would be able to drive a minivan full of folks if I could fill it up and split gas. Gas would be around 120 bucks split between ideally 6 or 7 people. Otherwise I am looking for a ride from Des Moines, IA area.

  9. Bear Cube

    Youngstown area headed down for the weekend. I’d much rather carpool or offer rides especially to local organizers.

  10. zoe

    im looking for a ride to the OC from anywhere in florida (or closeby – ill hitch there – georgia alabama) leaving in the next couple days or so. im in tampa now, but can meet someone farther north or south if they have space in their car. please let me know asap, id really like to go!



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