Regional Action Camp for Social & Environmental Justice

2016 Action Camp

Federal Valley Resource Center

8225 OH-329 Stewart, Ohio

CHILDCARE will be provided on site

LUNCH AND DINNER will be provided on Saturday and Sunday. Suggested donation of $5-20 to help offset costs.  Bring snacks to share if you can.



Friday Location 1
6-7 Dinner: Pizza!
7-8 AR! Welcome

Introduce trainers

Group Intros

  • What is your group and where are you located primarily?
  • What has your group been working on?
8-9 Ada Adams: local multicultural historian


Saturday Location 1 Location 2 Location 3
8:30 Breakfast
9-10 Welcome and Morning Meetup
10-12 What’s Up Pittsburgh: What’s Trump Got To Do With It? White Supremacy, Structural Racism, and the Prison System – Madeline delfin bautista:Rainbow Intersectionality and Queering Privilege
12-1 Lunch
1-3 Marty Zinn: How to Have a productive meeting Divestment roundtable: Student Sierra Coalition, and hopefully Francine Childs (ending apartheid), and Indiana prison abolition folks: Moderated by Caitlyn McDaniel Nick and Patrick from Rising Tide: Intro to strategic direct action
3:15-5:15 Cusi/Heather: Basic Climb Training. Jolana and Olivia: Anti-racism Activities Kim: long and short term prisoner support and advocacy.
5:15-6:30 Dinner
6:30-7:45 Panel on cross movement organizing or intersectional work: Rising Tide, BLAC, RAMPS, Moderated by: Peggy Gish
8:00 John Sims AfroDixieRemix listening project at night for this event.


Sunday Location 1 Location 2 Location 3
8:30 Breakfast
9-10 Welcome and Morning Meet Up
10-12 John Sims, Political Math Artist: Art and Activism Kim: Blockades
12-1 Lunch
1-3 Joshelyn: Environmental Racism Anne: Basic Street Medic Workshop
3:15-5:15 Talcon and Sarah Fick: Bystander Intervention Teresa Mills: Environmental Justice
5:15-6:00 Dinner
6:00-8:00 Roundtable on building a multiracial campaign against Letcher County Prison: Panagioti, Jordan from Letcher County, Rachel Lee from Columbus
8:00 action prep, banner making


Monday Location 1
11-1 Demand Water Justice! Rally and Flint Water Drive at the courthouse steps.  Water Justice Now!  Fight for Flint, Fight for Appalachia. Poisoned by lead,  C8, 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol in our tap water.


Black power fistWhat: 2016 Regional Action Camp for Social & Environmental Justice— connecting social and environmental  justice efforts in our region to start building a broad coalition that brings us together as allies.

How: By working with regional activists for a dynamic weekend of community building in our region around racial justice, anti rape culture, prison solidarity and prison abolition, environmental justice and anti extraction. We will provide childcare, help with places to stay or camp,  two meals on both Saturday & Sunday. Bring snacks to share on Friday evening.
Why: The struggles for economic, racial, and environmental justice are linked and it’s Prison Abolitiontime to offer a camp that will be a jumping off point for solidarity and commonality among social justice and environmental struggles.  We realize this a monumental task, and we are definitely NOT the experts.  But we believe beginning a dialogue is important and necessary!  Join us!

Updates: If you are on Facebook, please check for updates on our FB Page, by clicking HERE. Otherwise, we will get news about workshops out via our email list. 





About Appalachia Resist!
We are a group of rural activists that formed Appalachia Resist! in 2012 in a mostly white working class community with a long history of fossil fuel extraction. We respond to the fracking industry in our region by using direct action as a tactic. We coordinate and cooperate with other groups working against this extractive industry. We’ve decided that solidarity with social justice campaigns is how we want to move forward in our work.

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