Consensus Facilitation Training


Consensus Facilitation Training

December 5th, 2015 1pm – 5pm @ Shagbark Seed and Mill, 88 Columbus Rd,, Athens Ohio

Have you ever been in a meeting where one person interrupted, talked over others, or seemed to take over the group process?

Have you ever left a meeting feeling that only a handful of people’s opinions were actually heard?

Have you ever been part of a meeting that lasted forever, was disorganized and didn’t seem to set or meet any concrete goals?

We all have, but we don’t like it much! That’s why we recommend working by consensus!

Consensus facilitation is a democratic way that anti-authoritarian organizers structure their meetings to make sure that all voices get heard, that decisions are truly democratic and not made by majority rules, and that systems of oppression do not repeat themselves in the ways that we organize for justice in our communities. It’s also a wonderful way to actually get things done in a methodical and organized manner.
This training will be useful to anyone who participates in local activism or organizing of any kind, both people who facilitate meetings, demonstrations, and events, and also people who attend or participate in the above. Participants will learn to:

• Hold democratic meetings rather than meetings where one person is the “leader”
• Identify and work through unwanted power dynamics within meetings
• Set a concrete meeting agenda
• Set concrete and achievable goals at meetings
• Keep a meeting within its time limits
• Make decisions by consensus instead of by voting
• Be a facilitator, using a consensus method
• Be facilitated, using a consensus method.

PLEASE RSVP (if possible!) ( or on our facebook page) and please let us know if you have any access issues (including transportation, childcare, etc). We want you to be able to come to this training! This is a long training, but is interactive with lots of breaks and built in time for snacks, questions, and debrief.

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