Anti Opression Policy

Creating Safe(r) Space at the 2013 EF! Organizers Conference and Winter Rendezvous
(some of this was borrowed from our friends,  The Trans and Womyns Action Camp)

         Anti Oppression and Consent policy in brief

  Domination and exploitation permeate our social relationships in subtle and overt ways that have no place in the movement to save what is wild.  Behavior that demeans, marginalizes, rejects, threatens or harms any living being on the basis of ability, activist experience, age, class/income level, cultural background, education, ethnicity, gender, immigration status, language, nationality, physical appearance, race, religion, self-expression, sexual orientation, or status as a parent will not be tolerated. Please speak out against such behavior so that we can collectively create a safer place for all.

  We recognize the importance of integrating an anti oppressive framework into this movement so that we may move away from systems of hierarchy and oppression which only serve to divide and weaken our causes. We work towards a horizontal structure of organization and incorporate an anti oppressive framework so we may strengthen our community and move together towards the collective liberation of all peoples and the earth for a world free from domination.

 “Safer Space” is an essential part of every anti-oppression-centric action camp. Safe(r) spaces are a visible presence of allies that can help to shape a culture that is accepting of all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/ expression, or any other difference.

We choose to say “Safer” Space rather than “safe space” because we acknowledge that no space is entirely “safe” for everyone.

We believe that Safe(r) Spaces are inviting, engaging, and supportive environments in which all people feel comfortable behaving genuinely. It is important that event organizers, volunteers, and participants listen carefully to raised experiences and act on what they hear.

  Within creating safer spaces we encourage the practice of enthusiastic consent! Consent being an exchange of affirmative words and actions regarding sexual activity; agreement, approval, or permission that is fully-informed and freely and actively given without physical force, manipulation, stress, or fear. The absence of “No” does not mean Yes. YES! means YES!

  We create the world we want to live in, right here, right now.

  Therefore at the 2013 Organizers Conference and Winter Rendezvous BIG jerks will not be tolerated, little ones either!

  During this gathering, there will be conflict mediators who will announce themselves at morning circle. They will be available for the whole duration of this event. If any concerns or conflict do arise please reach out to one of these mediators or to any conference organizer.

In the spirit of appreciating what others have done before us and not trying to reinvent the wheel, this document was put together mostly by borrowing from policies written in the past. Thanks you all for doing such important work. Also we as the organizers of this event support and endorse the EF! Journal Anti Oppression Policy which can be found at


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