EF! Round River Rendezvous 2018

Sunday July 1st – Monday July 9th, 2018

On occupied land shared by the Seneca, Shawnee & Tsalagi at the time of contact with colonizers, in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains.  Check back for location coordinates, the site is near Chauncey, Ohio.  The closest airport is in Columbus, Ohio.

While we are still firming up the workshop schedule some likely workshops are: Map Reading, Radio Comms & Convoys, De Escalation, Solidarity with Impacted Communities, Community Self Defense, Pipeline Skills Exchange,  Indigenous Resistance & Solidarity, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, and standard Rondy fare such as; Direct Action, Plant identification,  Know Your Rights, Digital Security, Jail Solidarity, Scouting, Pipeline Construction/Fracking Infrastructure, Security Culture, and Self Defense.

Average temperatures in this region in July are 84 degrees in the day with lows of 61 at night.  It will be very humid. The record high for this week was 101 degrees with very high humidity.  The record low was 47 degrees. Expect thunderstorms at some point in the week.

There will be many insects including mosquitoes and ticks.  There is a high chance you will encounter poison ivy.  Nights around here can be very noisy with the matting/kinship/territory calls of frogs, insects, birds, and mammals that are active at night.  There are three venomous snakes in the area; rattlesnakes, copperheads and possibly cottonmouths. You are unlikely to be lucky enough to see one of them. Coyote & bobcats are the largest predators that live in the area, although eastern black bear have been sighted passing through.  You are also unlikely to be lucky enough to see any of these either, although we are likely to hear the coyote.

We’re trying to make this year’s rendezvous the most kid friendly rendezvous ever, with workshop, responsibilities, and discussions, with and for the kids. You can help by bringing your kids, or encouraging and helping your friends who have kids, to attend.  Those without kids, who want to help can also come prepared to sign up for a childcare shift, or to teach a workshop.  Also if you have kids or experience working with kids, send us requests, and ideas. Childcare will be provided except during meal times.  Check back for the childcare curriculum.

Breakfast and Dinner will be provided, you should bring lunch and snacks.

The organizers are asking that all of the common spaces, kitchen, workshops, and scheduled events be substance free & that folks avoid those areas if they are visibly intoxicated. There will be a quiet/substance free fire & a rowdy fire that is not substance free.  We encourage you to use responsibly so that you can take good care of yourself and others. If there are sober folks who want to gather with other sober folks at the rowdy fire (or at other times) we can help make that happen.