Action Camp May 2017

Video Invitation

May 19-22, 2017

Appalachia Resist! Action Camp

Wayne National Forest, Monroe County Ohio

Appalachia Resist! is organizing our second annual Action Camp near recent leases that were auctioned by the BLM to companies that expect to set up fracking operations in the Wayne National Forest. Stay tuned for details about exact location and content.

This year’s camp will again focus on working with activists in our region around the intersection of social and environmental justice. Emphasis will be on the proposed fracking of the Wayne and the history of resource extraction and social justice movements in our region.

Look for more details within a few weeks. RSVP Form

About Appalachia Resist!
We are a group of rural activists that formed Appalachia Resist! in 2012 in a mostly white working class region with a long history of fossil fuel extraction. We use direct action as a tactic to respond to the fracking industry in our region. We coordinate and cooperate with those working against this extraction industry and in solidarity with those working on social justice campaigns.

March leases