Nonviolent Direct Action Training

Nonviolent Direct Action Training

Saturday, November 2, 2013 from 12:00pm to 6:00pm  ARTS/West basement 132 West State St, Athens, Ohio

Direct action is a vital and empowering tool for change. It has
played an important role in social and environmental justice movements around the world. Direct action is used by all kinds of people from all walks of life. This Nonviolent Direct Action Training is great for: People who have participated in direct action and would like to share skills and get more training! People who have never participated in direct action and would like to learn more about it! Activists who want to add direct action to their strategy!  People who want to learn what direct action is! People who are curious! Whatever your background or experience level, we welcome you to this workshop! This workshop will use hands on activities, games, and discussion to introduce people to the basics of direct action including sections on knowing your rights and jail and legal support. Snacks will be provided, and you may want to bring a sack lunch as well. The workshop is free of charge. Please wear comfortable clothes.


1 thought on “Nonviolent Direct Action Training

  1. appalachiaresist Post author

    Agenda for the Direct Action Training
    12:00 pm
    1. Welcome/ introductions
    2. What is Direct Action
    3. Campaign Strategy
    4. Soft Blockades
    5. Know Your Rights
    2:00 pm Break for Snacks and Whatnot
    6. Security Culture
    7. De-escalation
    8. Hard Blockades
    9. Roles of an Action
    10. What to Bring to an action
    11. Consensus in Action
    12. Talk Out Our Fears and Concerns about Direct Action
    13. Mock Action Role Play
    14. Training Debrief


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