Mothman Predicts Fracking Disaster on Ohio River

Ohio River Fracking Disaster Predicted

GreenHunter Energy plans to barge fracking waste down the Ohio River, and to build a new frack waste transfer facility in Wheeling, West Virginia. it seems that in response the legendary Mothman has returned. The Mothman, whose original appearance over forty years ago in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, coincided with a tragic bridge collapse there, is thought to be a harbinger of imminent disaster. Recently, the Mothman has been seen by several people who live near the Ohio River in Athens and Meigs Counties. Residents have reported strange visitations by a “man-sized bird creature with a nearly ten foot wing span” while investigating the effect that a radioactive frack waste spill would have on the Ohio River, which is the primary drinking water source for more than five million people. Athens County resident Peter Ballew says, “I was reading about how Greenhunter is $9.1 million in debt and thinking about how they’re going to have to cut corners in that Wheeling facility, when all of a sudden I looked up and saw this large shadowy thing with red eyes.” Sarah Fick of Meigs County had a similar experience. “I was planning the Appalachia Resist! leg of the Great Ohio River Relay when I felt this wind at my back – I looked up and saw this towering flying man-size figure with ten-foot wings! I’d heard of the Mothman but never thought I’d see him. I know he predicted disasters around Point Pleasant a long time ago. I’m convinced he’s back to warn us about the dangers of barging frack waste on the river. Congress should never have allowed Hallibuton to get that stuff exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act.” Fick found out that another person she knows had a similar experience. Madeline ffitch was reading an email from the Buckeye Forest Council about Ohio having already injected 7,892,815,182 gallons of toxic frack waste, most from out of state, when she saw the huge creature. “It was about seven feet tall with huge wings and red eyes. I ran, but the thing was way faster than me. I could see the creature flapping its wings, and I think it was trying to tell me that if GreenHunter is allowed to barge all that out of state fracking wate there is going to be a disaster even worse that bridge collapse that killed all those people back in ’67.” Ballew, ffitch, and Fick all say they have a premonition that if GreenHunter builds the frack waste facility in Wheeling, the drinking water of five million people will be polluted with toxic, radioactive frack waste and that to make matters worse, GreenHunter won’t be able to pony up the money to treat the water or the people who are poisoned.

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