GreenHunter 10 trial update

Eight of the GreenHunter 10 decided to take the plea deal offered by the prosecution. They were offered 30 days suspended jail time, and each was ordered to pay a $250 fine, $280 in court costs per person. In addition, the group must pay $2,383 collectively in restitution to GreenHunter. That brings our legal costs for those eight up to $6,623 including bail.


You can donate by clicking on the “Donate” Tab to the right. The kicker is that these defenders of our water also can’t put themselves in arrest-able positions at actions for a year without risking 30 days in the pokey. Stay tuned for updates on Nate Ebert’s trial, the prosecution wasn’t ready for him.

Call The Authorities!

If you haven’t yet called Cmdr. Michael Roldan USCG, Chief of the Hazardous Materials Division at 202-372-1420 to ask him not to approve the barging of frack waste on the Ohio River, now would be a great time.

3 thoughts on “GreenHunter 10 trial update

  1. heathercantino

    Could you clarify post so that donors realize that the court fees and fines are per person and the restitution the total for the group? I’ll share once clarified. thanks, Heather

  2. Croatan Earth First!

    Reblogged this on Croatan Earth First! and commented:
    Consider helping these folks cover their court costs after the wastewater site action that shut down frack waste injection this past February.


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