EF! Organizers Conference/Rondy Updates

Here in Southeast Ohio, set up for camp is just about to get started and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of new and old friends.  This years OC/Rondy is really shaping up to be a well attended and informative event.  We hope that you can join us through the 18th and also stick around for an action on the 19th.  Directions are now available on our website and we hope to have a schedule up soon.

There is currently snow on the ground, but predicted daytime highs are in the mid 40’s and even up to 50. This means things will probably be a bit muddy, so appropriate footwear is highly encouraged.  You’ll have happier feet if you have shoes that are warm, dry, and can be taken on and off easily.  We will be taking our shoes off before coming into the houses, but will go back and forth for different workshops.


There will be some shared floorspace housing and heated tent space housing available onsite.  If you would prefer a bedroom in someone’s house, we will attempt to arrange sleeping accommodations in someones guest bedroom or couch in the neighborhood.  These situations are limited, so please let us know in advance.


Childcare will be provide, but please let us know if you’ll be needing this and how old your kid is.


This years OC and Rendezvous is going to be alcohol and drug free, so please be respectful and leave your alcohol or substances at home.


We are very thankful that our neighbors have let us use their space.  One way we would like to return the favor is by asking that you please leave your dogs at home.

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