Benefit Dinner and Art Auction in Columbus, Jan 27th

On Sunday January 27th,  It Looks Like Its Open gallery (13 E. Tulane) will host a silent auction, dinner, and anti-fracking discussion with members of Appalachia Resist! and Ohio Fracktion.  These groups will present current movement goals to Columbus area residents in hopes of creating a statewide stronghold of anti-fracking resistance.



The blood of resistance runs deep through the veins of Appalachia. To that end, we invite you, fellow Ohioan, to join in the fight to save the air you breathe, the soil under your feet, the water that your children drink.


WHEN : Sunday, January 27th

                3-7 PM


WHERE:  It Looks Like It’s Open

                  13 E. Tulane Rd

                   Columbus, OH




The purpose of this event is to bring together groups that are currently working against fracking.  Representatives will present the issues, current campaign progress, and future movement goals to central Ohioan community members including concerned citizens, local business owners, and social justice activists.  We hope to facilitate discussion and highlight our common interests in solidarity and resource sharing. 


Proceeds from the fundraiser will be given to a First Nations delegation of Tar Sands Blockaders who hope to foreground their fight against pipelines across this continent in the current nation-wide movement against fracking.  The hand of American imperialism has lain waste to this land for the sake of colonialist expansion for centuries.  Victory is only possible if we begin bridging these gaps and begin seeing our divergent struggles as one and the same.  The fight for land and the fight for life can only be won when we begin working together.


For questions regarding this event, please send emails to

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